2019 Inductees


Robert A. Cain, DO

 Class of 1980
Robert A. Cain, DO, FACOI, FAODME, currently  serves as the Associate Dean for Clinical Education at the Ohio  University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine.  In this role he  has oversight of business development and relationship management for  clinical experiences associated with undergraduate and graduate medical  education (GME).  
As part of his GME related duties, he functions  as the Chief Academic Officer for the Ohio Centers for Osteopathic  Research and Education (CORE), a statewide medical education consortium.   Prior to this university appointment he served as the Director of  Medical Education (DME) at Grandview Hospital in Dayton, Ohio  (2006-2014) and as the director of the internal medicine residency  program at the same facility (1999-2007).  
Over the past two  decades he has served on a number of local, state, and national  committees, task forces, and boards in a variety of roles, including the  American Osteopathic Association (AOA) Council on Postdoctoral Training  Institutions (COPTI), AOA Council on Postdoctoral Training (COPT),  American College of Osteopathic Internists (ACOI) Council on Education  and Evaluation, ACOI Board of Trustees and Executive Committee,  Association of Osteopathic Directors and Medical Educators (AODME) Board  and Executive Committee, the AOA Blue Ribbon Commission on Osteopathic  Medical Education, the
American Association of Colleges of  Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM) UME-GME Task Force, and the Accreditation  Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Osteopathic Principles  Committee.  
Awards include the Association of Osteopathic Directors  and Medical Educators Leadership Award (2014), Ohio University Heritage  College of Osteopathic Medicine Master Clinical Faculty (2011), Ohio  University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine Standard of  Excellence Award (2009), and the ACOI Teacher of the Year (2004).
As  a specialist in pulmonary medicine, Dr. Cain operated a private  practice in Dayton, Ohio from 1994-2008.  He is a 1980 graduate of  Beaver Local High School in Lisbon, Ohio, a 1984 graduate of Westminster  College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, 1988 graduate of the Ohio  University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, a 1989 graduate of  the traditional rotating internship program at Firelands Community  Hospital in Sandusky, Ohio, a 1992 graduate of the internal medicine  training program at Brentwood Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, and a 1994  graduate of the pulmonary medicine fellowship program at Grandview  Hospital in Dayton, Ohio.  He completed Midwestern University’s Costin  Institute for academic leadership in 2009.  The American Osteopathic  Board of Internal Medicine (AOBIM) recently recertified him in pulmonary  medicine (2018).  


Gail Burton Foreman

 Class of 1979

Gail Burton Foreman is the daughter of the late Frederick and  Virginia Burton of the Old Fredericktown Road. Gail graduated from  Beaver Local High School in 1979. She grew up in the  Calcutta/Fredericktown area enjoying the woods and tub area surrounding  her home. While at Beaver Local she was a member of the track team,  sports editor of the school newspaper, and the president of the  conservation club.

After graduating, she attended Kent State  University and majored in Political Science and Criminal Justice. Upon  completing her degree, Gail acquired a position as a Loss Prevention  Investigator then moved into the position of a Workman’s Compensation  Investigator and other Law loss related jobs for Giant Eagle Corporate.  Realizing the education deficits through her investigations, Gail  decided to enter the field of Education. She fell in love with education  at Youngstown State University.

She received her BS and then her  master’s in Special Education, Elementary Education and Secondary  Education certifications. Gail began her teaching career at Leetonia  High School and achieved Highly Qualified Status. While at Leetonia,  Gail Coached Girls Softball, assisted with Volleyball and went on to  become the Athletic Director. After she gave a professional development  presentation in South Carolina, Gail was approached by then  Superintendent Gary Norris and was asked if she would be interested in a  position with Sarasota County Schools in Florida in 2005.

Gail  continued to be recruited by Sarasota County schools and in 2007  accepted the job offer and moved to Bradenton, Florida where she now  resides with her wife of 28 years, Patricia Cummins, and with their two  dogs, King and Queenie. 

As Gail began her new position at Booker  High School she quickly began to realize once again the importance of  her role as an educator. She taught struggling and unmotivated students  Math and English. The students and Gail began developing trusting  relationships and they soon began to flourish academically. The switch  had been flipped and it has been in the ‘on’ position ever since. Gail  is well known on the forty-seven-acre campus as a mentor to students and  other teachers, is the Sarasota County Teachers Union representative  and holds a seat on the executive board. Gail provides regular  professional development to staff in the school district. She advises  Student Government, Student Activities and the Gay Straight Alliance.  She also coached Softball and is part of the Renaissance Team. In her  current teaching position Gail has a full day. She teaches two units of  U.S. History, AICE Psychology and Sociology which are college level  classes through Cambridge University, Cambridge England. Gail is also  part of the Law Academy teaching Criminal Justice and Criminology as a  magnet program at Booker High School. Gail also represents the school  district in a variety of community programs with her beloved students.  Of recent was the Boxer Institute on Racism and Intolerance.

Gail  and her wife are also the guardians to Gail’s two cousins, Vivian and  Linda, of whom also reside with Gail and Pat as well as Vivian‘s dog,  Roxy.

Gail arrives at school at 6:15 a.m. to meet students in  need of tutoring, food, clothing or just a hug and leaves when their  needs are met. Gail is constantly working to ensure the homeless in her  classes are fed, computers are secured, clothes and college tuition are  secured through scholarships, grants or because of student need  qualifications. 

Gail and Pat also ensure that students whom are  unable to pay for their cap and gown and senior trips don’t go without  (secretively).  During Thanksgiving and Christmas you can find any  number of students and their families at Gail and Pat’s house for dinner  and love. There are always gifts, laughter and holiday cheer shared  around a fire after a family meal.

Gail and Pat currently have  several graduates in college they assist and plan to continue to do so  in the future.  Gail’s students from Leetonia and Booker High School  leave her as graduates and then become her friends and family of which  she is most proud. Gail is listed in Who’s Who among American Teachers  several times, received Teacher of the Year 2009 and in 2012 and  continually is nominated yearly. “I am in it for the outcome not the  income and my babies know it. I expect their best and I get it.” I am  proud to be an educator.  “I am very blessed every year to spend 180 instructional days with the future.”


Keith Meredith

 Class of 1981

Keith is a 1981 graduate of Beaver Local High School. He earned his  Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from the University of Cincinnati in  1986 and later his Pharmacy Doctorate from the University of Florida. 

Keith began his pharmacy career working as a staff pharmacist at  various retail and hospital pharmacies, eventually advancing his  hospital pharmacy career by working as the Director of Pharmacy at East  Liverpool City Hospital for twelve years. He followed that with six  years as the Director of Pharmacy at Salem Regional Medical Center. In  2013, Keith was appointed to his current position as the Vice President  of Clinical Operations at Salem Regional Medical Center. He is  responsible for overseeing several clinical departments including  Pharmacy, Laboratory, Rehab Services, Cardiopulmonary and the Medical  Imaging Department.

Service, education and family are important  to Keith. Upon graduation from college, he returned to our community and  has been very active in the Beaver Local School system. He served on  the Board of Education from 2001 to 2012 and as Board president for five  years. Since 2015, he has been an active member of the Beaver Local  Schools Foundation, working to raise money for scholarships for Beaver  Local graduates. In 2017, Keith was appointed to the Board of Trustees  for Eastern Gateway Community College.

Keith has been very active  in the Destination Imagination program at Beaver Local and has coached  DI teams for ten years, with two of his teams advancing to the Global  Tournament. Keith has represented Beaver Local as host and as a Site  Director for two Regional DI tournaments and this year’s State DI  Tournament.

In 1986, Keith married his college sweetheart, Heidi,  also a pharmacist. Together they operate a 116 acre farm almost within  sight of Beaver Local’s beautiful new school. He considers his greatest  achievement as being successfully raised by his three daughters: Emily,  Claire and Laurel. All three are Valedictorian/Summa Cum Laude graduates  of Beaver Local.


Brent McConnell

 Class of 1983

Brent McConnell, a 1983 Beaver Local High School graduate, grew up  in Negley and served 20 years in the US Air Force, retiring in 2004.
During his early career as a Korean Cryptologic Linguist he was trained  in Korean and Chinese language for work at intelligence sites in the US  and overseas. Commissioned a US Air Force officer in 1993, he completed  Intelligence Officer training for assignments that included foreign  intelligence organizations, the National Security Agency and the Joint  Chiefs of Staff and retired from the military on 2004.
He currently  serves as Chief, International Policy for the Defense Technology  Security Administration in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and is  responsible for international weapons negotiations on behalf of the  Pentagon. He leads the office responsible for ensuring US weapons shared  internationally are in the best interest of US national security and he  has received personal recognition for his work with India, Israel,  Korea, Ukraine and the Philippines.

Often attending  school at night after a full day’s work plus a part-time job, he  received a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Maryland, Master’s  Degree from The George Washington University and attended the  Universities of Hawaii, Virginia and Harvard. He twice received the  Pentagon’s Defense Exceptional Civilian Service medal, the US Air  Force’s Top Senior CiviliAward, and the Intelligence and National  Security Alliance Lifetime Achievement Award.  Brent devotes much of his  time to serving in his church and is currently pursuing a Master’s  degree from Dallas Theological Seminary.  
Brent gives tremendous  thanks to the love of his life, Im Sun, for her sacrifice, devotion and  wisdom. Brent and Im Sun recently celebrated their 30th wedding  anniversary and are the parents of Brandon, a Department of Homeland  Security cyber systems engineer and Joshua, a college student and Air  National Guard cyber operations member. Brent’s parents, Shirley and  Robert Kontnier reside in Negley and his father Larry resides in East  Liverpool.